When to Semi-Bluff Before

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When to Semi-Bluff Before

Postby miniming » 12 Jan 2022, 06:22

When to Semi-Bluff Before we get too far into the strategy of semi-bluffing, let’s establish some base rules. First, สล็อต168 this advice applies only to semi-bluffing. If you’ve made the decision to raise post-flop and you’re hoping to fill a straight or a flush because you have a taller stack, you want to bluff, or you have another strategy, there are different rules for governing those situations and rules for dealing with a semi-bluff. What we discuss below applies only to raising when you are semi-bluffing.

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Postby ChinaMaita » 03 Feb 2022, 00:04

I say we should have a warning like other forums have, saying that if the thread is older than thirty days, you should think before you post there.

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Re: When to Semi-Bluff Before

Postby PGSLOT97 » 12 May 2022, 17:11

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